What clients and colleagues are saying:

“Murphy Consulting has a keen understanding of the complex APPS system and the cumbersome 2530 rules. Denise Murphy Edwards is a frequent presenter for NLHA and is highly regarded in the HUD world.”

Denise Muha
Executive Director
National Leased Housing Association

“Denise is the leading expert in the field of APPS & 2530 today. I rely on her for the latest information and her capacity to troubleshoot any previous participation problems. I am grateful for her detailed updates to our national members at various LeadingAge conferences, and look forward to continued collaborations in the future.”

Colleen Bloom
Associate Director of Housing Operations
Leading Age (formerly AAHSA)

“Without a doubt, Denise is the best resource for Secure Systems questions. When my customers need assistance with HUD's Systems, specifically with setup issues surrounding APPS, FASSUB and EIV, I always know I can send them to Denise. She is quick to respond, thorough and her work is excellent.”

Mary Ross, CPO, FHC, MORS
President, Ross Business Development, Inc.

“Denise Murphy is the first person I turn to with HUD-2530 concerns. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in this area, but she is effective and enjoys excellent relationships with HUD officials. Denise and her firm provide an outstanding service to HUD multifamily industry partners.”

Lisa Tunick, Esq.
Tunick Law LLC

“Murphy Consulting is a valuable resource for our organization. Denise Murphy provides painless solutions to what are sometimes extremely difficult tasks, such as submission of HUD 2530 forms, navigating through the tangled web of the APPS sub system, clearing HUD flags and more.”

Scott Precourt
U.S. Housing Consultants

“Denise and her staff have been instrumental to our business by working with us on APPS, Compliance, Audit and REAC applications. Her firm understands all issues HUD and is frighteningly efficient in resolving issues, problems and delays.”

Harris Block
Vice President of Acquisitions, Eureka Holdings Inc.

“We recommend Murphy Consulting to our HUD clients who are sifting through the difficult and confusing APPS process. Denise has always been timely and cost effective. She focuses on what at first appears to be a daunting task, to get to the bottom of the client's needs and then she gets those needs addressed and resolved, within the requested timeframes. We love working with Murphy Consulting.”

“As a small non-profit, being able to outsource our HUD 2530 Previous Participation Certification work to an experienced and reliable vendor has saved us a tremendous amount of staff time and cost. I wholeheartedly recommend her work.”

John D. Spencer
Vice President & COO, Victory Housing, Inc.
founder, Housing Association of Non-Profit Developers

“We have bumbled around with the Secure Systems for about 3 years, were generally unsuccessful and terribly frustrated with APPS and with EIV. Denise Murphy's guidance and training enabled us to submit the electronic 2530 in just a few weeks.”

Donna Warlick
Vice President, Residential Services
Goodwill Industries
Big Bend, Florida

“By identifying and overcoming roadblocks in the HUD Secure System, Denise Murphy helped us tremendously, so we could successfully submit our tenant files and vouchers through the iMAX system.”

Cheryl Carney
Vice President of Housing
Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

“Denise has been immensely helpful in guiding us through the 2530 process. What started out as a complete mess has turned into a smooth process . . . . enabling us to complete our first electronic 2530 submission! She is worth every penny, and more.”

Jennifer Willie
Common Bond Communities

"I've always found Denise to be completely on top of her deals. If I need something turned around quickly, I know that all I need to do is ask."

Steve Napolitano
Managing Director, Acquisitions
MMA Financial, LLC

“Denise Murphy has an amazing ability to comprehend complex information quickly. She understands how to both lead a process as well as support an overall effort by lending her specific talents to the cause. She is pragmatic in approach, a natural problem solver and a delight to work with.”

Maria Miller
Senior Development Director
Shelter Development, LLC

“If you want it done right, just ask Denise. Before we recognize potential problems, she’s already provided solutions. She keeps everyone’s eye on the finish line. Please comfort everyone and tell us that Denise was selected to handle this one.”

James D. Fisher
Vice President
Continental Title Company, Inc.

“Denise is very results oriented. She understands how to meld different personalities on a team so that the sum is greater than the individual parts.”

Daryl C. Jones
Vice President, Development Division
The Integral Group, LLC

“Denise is masterful at navigating through difficult situations to reach a goal. She has a tremendous capacity for juggling many assignments and doing so with grace and good humor.”

Nora Vlahoyannis
Vice President
SunTrust Bank

"Denise will take ownership of a project and stay on top of all the things--big and small--necessary to keep it moving toward conclusion."

Thomas B. Lewis, Esquire
Gallagher Evelius & Jones, LLP

“We could always count on Denise knowing what needs to be done and making it happen. Her persistence left no deadline unmet.”

Larry Kraemer
Vice President of Preconstruction Services
Harkins Builders, Inc.

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