Previous Participation Reporting / HUD 2530 / APPS

The Previous Participation Certification process was put in place by HUD to ensure that companies and individuals who wish to participate in HUD's multifamily housing programs have an acceptable history of carrying out their past financial, legal, and administrative obligations.

HUD requires prospective owners, developers, managers, and general contractors who want to participate in properties that are utilizing HUD mortgage insurance programs, direct loans or tenant subsidy programs to file the HUD 2530 Previous Participation form, to gain HUD's approval. Additionally, any time principals change (general partners, limited partners, owners, management agents or board members) a new 2530 must be submitted for approval.

The APPS System (HUD's secure internet-based 2530 submission vehicle) is an important reporting tool for both HUD and program participants. With an APPS submission, applicants have the ability to identify (and mitigate) HUD's critical and non-critical 2530 findings before the 2530 is ever submitted to HUD. Properly completed APPS submissions streamline the review work and save HUD a significant amount of processing time.


Murphy Consulting serves as outsourced staff support for owners, operators, contractors, lenders and attorneys throughout the country to meet their business needs and timing goals.

Outsourced APPS / 2530 Coordinator

We provide affordable outsourced e2530 submission services via APPS. Includes registration, baselines, system updates, troubleshooting problems with prior APPS work, Flag checks and more. Fixed Fee pricing based on organization structure, amount of previous participation and submissions needed.

For Lenders and Attorneys
We deliver affordable Outsourced APPS Coordinator services for your borrowers, management agents, operators and general contractors. We can contract with you directly or with the borrower. (APPS fees qualify as project expenses, similar to legal fees.) Fixed Fee pricing based on organization structure, amount of previous participation and submissions needed.

For Professional Organizations
Have Denise Murphy Edwards speak at your next Conference or Annual Meeting. Areas of expertise include:
  • HUD Secure System
  • 2530 & APPS
  • HUD Flags
  • REAC & FASS Reporting
  • EIV Access Requirements
  • and more

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