HUD Property Management Operations

No Experience with HUD? We are here to help.

Murphy Consulting partners with management companies at market-rate communities who have little or no experience with HUD programs and requirements, so they can learn to independently achieve success in meeting regulatory obligations under the HUD FHA loan program.

Through a 15, 18 or 24-month support arrangement, companies receive training on HUD Inspections, guidance on preparing MAR's reports (HUD 93479, 93480, 93481), instructions on set-up and navigating WASS, FASSUB and REAC systems, guidance on meeting Fair Housing requirements, and much more! We create an individualized plan for each company based on its operations and staffing. Then we provide targeted training, identify appropriate resources, touch base to assure you do not miss key deliverables, and serve as your phone-a-friend lifeline for the times in between.

Email for a Management Consulting Proposal Form.

Experienced Management Agent? We are here to help.

For affordable housing communities (Section 8 properties), we take over specialized administrative functions to alleviate burdens so staff can focus on more important resident-based aspects of their jobs.

  • We serve as an Outsourced EIV Coordinator, monitoring Users to assure
        access and compliance come MOR time.
  • We manage new EIV User and Coordinator set-up, security training and
        MOR access documentation requirements as part of new employee
  • We help during corporate restructuring by designing and implementing a
        continuity plan for EIV access when there is key staff turnover.
  • We advise on policies and best practices for mergers and acquisitions.
  • We even provide troubleshooting help for SAM & UEI registrations
        and annual updates.
  • Contact to set up a time to talk about the needs at your Section 8 property and how we can help.